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Vacationers Demand Whistles and Bells

By Thelma Coffone
Published: 04/01/11 Topics: Comments: 0

Vacationers Demand Whistles and Bells

When vacation rentals were first becoming a viable option for the vacationing public, amenities were not important. Guests were pleased to have a clean house with a little privacy and more space than a hotel room. A fully equipped kitchen was a plus, especially for those traveling with children.

Today is a different story. Guests want all the comforts of home plus fancy amenities they don’t have at home. Vacationers are looking for lodging that features game rooms with pool tables, satellite TVs, saunas, swimming pools, and any type of electronic gadget you can think of. My husband and I are former owners of a vacation rental company. When we started our company in 1994, the most asked for amenity was color TV instead of black and white!

One of the most requested items today is a high speed Internet connection. In this day and age, people have to keep in touch with their offices and check email even while on vacation. It’s the job of the Vacation Rental Manager or Owner to strive to meet the guest’s needs while working within their vacation budget.

The more amenities you can offer, the better your chances of having a high occupancy rate. Pay close attention when creating listings for your property to be certain to list everything that the home offers. A feature that may seem insignificant to you may be extremely important to a guest. I remember making a booking where the deciding factor between two homes was an electric s'mores maker! Go figure!!

Author: Thelma Coffone, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0180 – 04/01/11

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